• Amazing Tensegrity Coffee Table, Planter Stand – Floating Table – St...

    This is a special floating Tensegrity table / Stand made of metal and raw finishing also can be Available in any color.

    The Tensegrity Table is stable and strong making it a perfect piece of furniture to place in the living room, Bed Room, or any corner of the house you really want to add spice and action to it will be the absolute protagonist of the space.

    Floating tables are quite awesome especially with an illusion effect, they look crazy because at the first glance it seams standing up on nothing more or less levitating in space , there is nothing magical about it , its just plain physics example of a tensegrity system .

    Super talk topic for your guests : )

    ALL Customized Sizes are available , All range of

    Made in Canada and ships free across USA and Canada

    Please note :- We ship using a freight service and offer free curbside delivery.


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