HRV's Controllers

  • Lifebreath Digital Wall Control 99-DXPL03. 5 Speed Control, LCD Display Control

    • 5-speed fan setting. Stand by setting (Fan speed 0). 20 min. Ventilation/40 min. Recirculation > 20 min. Ventilation/40 min. OFF > 10 min. Ventilation/50 min. OFF
    • Standby setting (fan OFF). Electronic Dehumidistat. Five selectable modes of operation with continuous Ventilation
    • 20/40/60 HIGH-speed override button. Compatible with 99-DET02 Wireless Timer
    • Slim-line design Compatible with most of the Lifebreath residential HRV Models- RNC5-ES, RNC5-HEX-TPD, RNC5-HEX-TPF, RNC 95, RNC 155, RNC 205, 155MAX, 267MAX, 95MAX, 195DCS
    • Connect to 3 wire 20 gauge low voltage wire
    162.47 CAD179.21 CAD

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