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    Taimco Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertops has a lot of uses in the kitchen usually when stainless Steel Appliances are what is going to be supplied, but there are many other uses. Stainless steel is a great countertop material, and if you have stainless steel appliances then you can have them match perfectly.


    There are a wide variety of types of stainless steel kitchen countertops to choose from. In addition, stainless steel counters have different pros and cons, Stainless steel’s best characteristic is that it is extremely durable and resilient to almost anything. The type you eventually choose is determined by the individual project, based on the budget, style, experience level, and time frame.


    Stainless steel will not be the cheapest product you can get when choosing the material for countertops but as mentioned before there are a lot of pros to having stainless steel. With good things comes a larger price tag, but it is worth it due to its durability and resiliency, this is why most commercial kitchens go with stainless steel for the entire kitchen.


    We Price this Product Per Square Foot Based on SS 304 # 4 ( Hair Finish ) Gauge 16 ( 1.29 MM thickness ), Price will change for thicker material.


    Please contact us to design and Price your project, or call us at 2899992334.

    119.00 CAD149.00 CAD

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