• Vanee Energy Star Heat Recovery Unit 90H-V-ECM HRV, 177 CFM – Gold Series

    • This unit is very simple to operate. Once the unit is installed, press on its push button, located under the unit, to activate it. Press once for low speed, once again for high speed, and once more to stop it.
    • The 90H-V ECM HRV uses a unique defrosting method. No negative pressure is created by air exhausted to the outside, as the air is recirculated into the house, helping to prevent any backdraft.
    • Exchange surface: 110 ft.2 (10.2 m2). Type: Cross Flow. Warranty: Limited lifetime
    • WARRANTY: The 90H-V ECM HRV unit is protected by a complete 5-year warranty on all parts. The heat recovery core is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, with the original proof of purchase.
    • WARRANTY: The 90H-V ECM unit is protected by a 5-year warranty on all parts, including the energy recovery core.
    2,463.32 CAD2,513.90 CAD

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