• Weil McLain-EVG-155, EVG Series, Evergreen High-Efficiency Natural Gas/LP Condensing Boiler, 3.2 gal, 155 MBH Input, WEMEVG155

    • Weil Mclain CGA-5-PIDN Cast Iron Natural Gas Boiler, 2.7 gal, 140 MBH Input, 117000 btu/h Heat – WEMCGA5PIDN.
    • Stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger.
    • Non-metallic heat exchanger base.
    • Floor standing or wall-mount.
    • Easy installation with Setup Wizard.
    • Zone and/or priority based control.
    • Three thermostat inputs.
    • Outdoor reset for each priority.
    • Fully removable jacket front door.
    • Adjustable boiler legs.
    • On/off power switch (220-399).
    • All Lag Boiler Inputs and Output can be used
    • 0-10 Volt Input (modulation or set point).
    • Configurable Auxiliary Input/ Output System.
    • Boiler Circulator Included (ECM version with 110-155).
    • PLEASE NOTE: In order to Purchase this product, we would need an assurance this product is being installed by a Licensed Gas technician for safety purposes. Details would be required before shipping to make sure the technician/The Company is registered to install this Product. Thanks for cooperation.
    7,295.63 CAD

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