• NTI-FTV150, FTV Series Fire-Tube Boiler, 150000 BTU

    • Fire tube stainless steel heat exchanger for exceptional efficiency and durability
    • Reliable and affordable solution for every home. Effortless gas type convertibility To convert your boiler from NG to LP and vice versa, you won’t need time consuming assembly operations. You just need to remove two screws to install our factory supplied vent.
    • Heat only and Combi versions available in three sizes:110, 150 and 190 MBH
    • Efficiency and Durability NTI’s FTV heat exchanger is made of 439 stainless steel to ensure maximum durability. All fire tube heat exchangers are NOT made the same! Our fire tubes are dimpled to extract maximum efficiency without the need for inserts that will degrade over time.
    • PLEASE NOTE: In order to Purchase this product, we would need an assurance this product will be installed by a Licensed Gas technician for safety purposes. Details would be required before shipping to make sure the technician/The Company is registered to install this. Thanks for cooperation.

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