• Vanee Energy Star Energy Recovery Unit G2400EE ERV, 210 CFM – Gold Series

    • The whole home ventilation system is a centerpiece of today�s energy- efficient homes. v�nEE introduces its new Gold Series that combines the best performance with the best energy efficiency to provide fresher, purer air in your home at a lower overall operating cost. That�s Pure Efficiency. The G2400E ECM is the perfect solution for mid to large size homes in need for the most energy-efficient ventilation solution.
    • Up to 210 CFM at 0.4 in. w.g. High efficency energy recovery core with a sensible recovery efficiency of 84% at 0�C (32�F) and 65% at -25�C (-13�F) German-made ECM* motors Minimal power consumption of 22W and 2.9 CFM/Watt at 64 CFM
    • Merv 6 grade filters and optional HEPA filtration Electronic balancing and no balancing dampers Included wall mounting bracket *Electronically Commutated Motor.
    • WARRANTY: The G2400E ECM is protected by a 5-year warranty on parts only, except for the energy recovery core, which is covered by a 10-year warranty, with the original purchase.

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