• Lifebreath 200-700FD 700CFM Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilator.

    • Modular (2-section) patented aluminum heat recovery cores arranged for efficient counter-flow ventilation
    • Motor – (2) PSC, 3-speed single shafted 1/4 hp, 1030 – 1450 RPM
    • Washable air filters in exhaust and supply airstreams
    • Blower – slide easily in/out of unit, centrifugal type rated at 700 cfm free air delivery, each air stream has 1-single shafted motor driving 2-centrifugal blowers
    • (4) 20 x 8 in. duct connection
    • Mounting – unit to be set on support brackets hung by threaded rod type apparatus
    • The unit has front and back access doors and the electrical panel can be switched to either side giving the installer flexibility in duct direction
    • 20 ga prepainted galvanized steel (G60) for superior corrosion resistance
    • Insulated with foil faced insulation were required to prevent exterior condensation
    • Drain connections – 2-1/2 in. outer diameter
    4,355.36 CAD5,499.00 CAD

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