hvac heaters

  • IBC IWT 40 Indirect Water Heaters, 40 Gallon Storage, 150 PSI

    • Features
      • Durable metal jacket
      • Top hot and cold connections on residential units
      • Front heating connections for a flexible installation
      • 2” of polyurethane foam insulation
      • Oversized low-pressure drop coil
      • Ships with a 10KΩ sensor
      • Large smooth wall heating coils in a counterflow configuration
      • Thermal well for sensor or aquastat
      • 444 stainless steel tank shell and 316L stainless steel heating coil
      • Factory-installed drain valve with cap
      • Stainless Steel Cold Inlet Dip Tube
    2,392.69 CAD2,739.88 CAD

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