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    • We have extensive experience in bending bars of all sizes and shapes—round, half-round, square, and rectangular (also called flats).
    • Because bars are solid metal, they bend very well. Bending bars is the easiest when the sections to be bent are rounds, half rounds, squares, or rectangular, and need to be bent “the easy way.” Bending bars, the easy way (y-y axis) creates a belt-like shape; bending bars “the hard way” (x-x axis) creates what looks like a giant metal washer. All else being equal, bending bars that are flat the hard way is the most difficult bar-bending process.
    • to bend bars more economically should be into rings or ring segments instead of burning these shapes out of the plate, as bar rolling can provide a greater yield of usable material with less scrap.
    • With our bar bending experience and expertise—along with proper tooling, methods, and machinery—we can bend relatively thin and wide bars to tight radius with little to no distortion. We can bend a wide variety of bars, including hot rolled, stainless, aluminum, Inconel, brass, copper, and other alloys, even rebar.
    • We can help Bend Square / rectangular tubes up to sizes 2″ x 2″, Minimum Radius 300 mm, Soled Rectangular Tubes 3″ x 0.75″, Minimum Radius 150 mm, Solid Square 0.75″ x 0.75″ Minimum Radius 200 mm, Solid Round Bars 0.75″ Día Minimum Radius 150 mm, and round tubes up to 2″Dia Minimum Radius 500 mm.


    Bar Bending

    125.00 CAD
  • 1,299.00 CAD3,799.00 CAD
  • 1,499.00 CAD3,799.00 CAD
  • 1,499.00 CAD3,799.00 CAD

    Stellar Radiance Metal Garden Gate | Model # 303

    1,499.00 CAD3,799.00 CAD

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