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  • Metal Stamping

    • Metal stamping is a manufacturing process in which coils or flat sheets of material are formed into specific shapes. Stamping encompasses multiple forming techniques such as blanking, punching, embossing, and progressive die stamping, to mention just a few. Parts use either a combination of these techniques or independently, depending on the piece’s complexity. In the process, blank coils or sheets get fed into a stamping press which uses tools and dies to form features and surfaces in the metal.
    • Metal stamping is an excellent way to mass-produce various complex parts, from car door panels and gears to small electrical components used in phones and computers. Stamping processes are highly adopted in automotive, industrial, lighting, medical, and other industries.
    • manufactures custom metal stampings in various materials, including copper, brass, stainless steel, and steel alloys. We offer production volumes of up to over one hundred stamping parts and maintain tight tolerances, all with competitive lead times. Please take advantage of our precision metal stamping service by starting an online quote at the top of this page.
    • Our standard sheet metal stampings can make small, or medium.
    • Please contact us with your inquiry or call us at (289)999-2334.

    Metal Stamping

    139.00 CAD

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