Paint & Engine Exhaust Hood

  • Paint & Engine Exhaust Hoods – Made in Canada

    • Paint & Exhaust hoods are designed to collect and exhaust heat, moisture, dust, fumes, vapors, grease, oils, chips, particles, paint, or engine exhaust from industrial, manufacturing, and chemical processing applications.
    • Canopy, barrel, and slotted fume hoods are available in standard or custom fabrications to specific customer requirements. With Taimco’s complete Plasma Cutting and weld department, the possibilities are endless. Numerous materials and thicknesses are available.
    • Exhaust and Ventilation become a necessity for all industries the right ventilation / Exhaust system is very important to properly exhaust your smoke, steam, heat, and Odors for both health and safety reasons in creating a clean air environment for your patrons and staff. At Taimco, we have been building and supplying Commercial Ventilation and Exhaust Canopies that meet Canadian Standards of safety and performance.
    • All our Paint & Engine Exhaust Hoods are custom-made, meeting the health and fire regulations for your industrial Factory or workshop while at the same time meeting the physical limitations of your space.
    • The Filter Racks and filters are not included in the price, they can be ordered separately based on the application and the nature of the filtration required.
    • All Custom sizes can be made, please send us your inquiry to or call us at 1(289)999-2334.
    1,879.00 CAD2,896.00 CAD

    Paint & Engine Exhaust Hoods – Made in Canada

    1,879.00 CAD2,896.00 CAD

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