Public Art

  • Contemporary Metal Art Masterpiece by Lorenzo Quinn: An Abstract Sculpture of Renown Model # SSS1238

    • Experience Deep Emotional Connection: This renowned modern sculpture evokes an intimate, heartfelt connection.
    • A Symbol of Love: This artwork embodies the essence of love through direct and heartfelt communication.
    • Uniting Lovers’ Hands: In a small world, two lovers’ hands are tightly held, a recurring theme in Lorenzo’s work.
    • Worldwide Impression: Lorenzo’s remarkable creations have left an indelible mark across the globe.
    • Versatile Outdoor Decoration: Crafted from stainless steel, this abstract sculpture finds a home in various public spaces such as schools, squares, beaches, and parks.
    • Ideal for Events: Bring a touch of romance to events like weddings, music festivals, beer festivals, and more with this sculpture’s captivating aura.
    • Elevate Shopping Spaces: Decorate vibrant places like shopping malls with this sculpture, which symbolizes the essence of love.
    • Available in any customized size 
    • Production time of only 40-45 days

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