Stainless steel

  • Professional Design Custom Staircase Balustrades Handrails Tubular Stainless Steel Railing | Made In Canada | Model # SRP1125

    Taimco Railing panels add an Artistic Accent to the Decor of any indoor space. by adding our stunning Plasma – cut metal Railing panels your staircase can become a beautiful piece. our designs can turn a simple staircase into a masterpiece.


    all our panels are made to size, We Can adjust our panels to fit your project and needs, Our highly customized and made-to-measure Plasma cut railing panels can be inserted into an existing wood-framed staircase or could be entirely replaced by a full metal art railing. Full replacement would include metal posts, panels and handrails.



    We worked internationally with some of Canada’s leading custom home builders and hotel chains and also transformed neighborhoods, parks, and recreational areas with Our designs.

    Our Plasma metal panels could be of different shapes and sizes (Up to 5 ft x 10 ft) to meet your project. the benefit of having everything built and made to size and design makes the same panel pattern can be used for multiple areas in the house giving the same theme as a privacy screen, railing, deck Railing, wall art and even a Driveway Gate.


    We Price this Product by linear Foot long and 36″ Standard Height, for pricing your project you can download the form, fill it, and email it back to us: Stair-Measuring-Template

    350.00 CAD395.00 CAD
  • Famous Geometric Sculpture Lynn Chadwick Art Model # MSC1321

    • Designed by Lynn Chadwick
    • A geometric sculpture featuring triangular and rectangular shapes
    • Depicts men and women seated in chairs with angular capes
    • Suitable for outdoor decor
    • Made of stainless steel with a white exterior
    • Unique and eye-catching design
    • Available in any customized size 
    • Production time of only 40-45 days
  • Modern Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Eyeball Sculpture Model # MSC1317

    • Handmade stainless steel eyeball sculpture
    • Modern design with mirror polished finish
    • Gives a feeling of solemnity and sacredness
    • Called “The Eye of God”
    • Crafted by skilled workers and artisans 
    • Available in any customized size 
    • Production time of only 40-45 days

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