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  • Plasma Cutting

    • Plasma Cutting is one of the most efficient ways of cutting metal with a high level of accuracy. It also produces burr-free parts and requires minimal operator intervention.
    • The benefits are maximum productivity and quick turnaround times without compromising quality.
    • TAIMCO Plasma cutting processes are very efficient and low cost which enables us to offer competitive pricing to our customers.
    • Our Fab cut High-Definition Plasma Cutter can cut mild steel from 0.02″ (0.644 MM) to 1″ (25,4 MM) thickness, our team can work with you on your project to help your need and make sure it’s done right on time.
    • It’s the best way to cut medium-thickness stainless steel and aluminum.
    • It is able to cut through all conductors. Only ferrous metals can be cut with flame cutting, despite the fact that it is also effective for thick metals.
    • Does your project require plasma cutting? Taimco Inc. is your best place for all your cutting needs. Our Fab Cut High-Definition Plasma Table will cut all what you need Steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, and aluminum. We are capable of cutting 24 gauge up to 1 inch thick with Hi accuracy. Our new technology machines can take on any projects. To request a quote, please email us info@taimco.ca or call us at 1(289)-999-2334 to speak with one of our team. 


    At TAIMCO you are:


    • Getting Versatility: The adaptability of custom metal fabrication is one of its greatest advantages. Many different tasks can only be completed with this method since it can produce pieces in unusually unique shapes, sizes, angles, and configurations.
    • Dealing with Superiority and accuracy: The high level of precision and quality that may be achieved is the final major advantage of custom metal fabrication at Taimco. Tight tolerances and exact specifications can be accomplished when working with an experienced fabricator, which is frequently necessary for challenging or delicate tasks.
    • Getting Innovative and Creativity: A distinctive finished product is produced through the creative and imaginative process of custom metal fabrication. The sky is the limit in terms of inventiveness because there aren’t many restrictions on what may be accomplished with this approach.

    Plasma Cutting

    139.00 CAD

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