• Reznor-UDAS200, UDAS V3 Series Model Gas-Fired Separated Combustion Unit Heater, 200000 BTU

    • 82 – 83% Thermal efficient, Tcore2 titanium stabilized aluminized steel heat exchanger.
    • 115 Volt open fan motor with internal overload protection. Transformer for 24-volt controls.
    • Single-stage natural gas valve with Improved cabinet design and less visible hardware.
    • Vibration/noise isolated fan and venter motors – designed for low noise operation. 2-pt and 4-pt suspension – standard on all sizes.
    • Designed for quiet operation with vibration isolated fan and venter motors.
    • External thermostat terminal strip for easy wiring. and external gas connection.
    • Full fan guard purely engineered for safety.
    • PLEASE NOTE: In order to Purchase this product, we would need an assurance this product will be installed by a Licensed Gas technician for safety purposes. Details would be required before shipping to make sure the technician/The Company is registered to install this Product.

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