Imperial Aluminum/Polyester Flexible Duct APS -2- Ply/Flexible Pipe Tube 5″x 25′ Long

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  • PS-type air duct is designed for wherever UL-181 standards for Class 1 air connector is required The 1-Ply Aluminum / 1-Ply Polyester laminated core provides outstanding resistance and durability APS -type air connector is suitable for use with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems For installation in lengths NOT over 14′.
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Technical Data Construction Materials The Aluminum and Polyester are permanently bonded to a corrosion resistant spring steel wire helix. Codes / Standards UL 181 / ULC S-110 / Class 1 Air Connector Operating Pressure (inches water column) Positive = 10 inches HO (2.5 kPa) intermittent Positive = 6 inches HO (1.5 kPa) continuous Negative = 1/2 inches HO (0.5 kPa) Operating Temperature Range @ 6 inches HO (1.5 kPa) Positive Minimum = -20F (-28C) Maximum = 140F (60C) @ 2 inches HO (0.5 kPa) Positive Minimum = -20F (-28C) Maximum = 180F (82C) @ 1/2 inches HO (0.13 kPa) Positive Maximum = 250F (121C) intermittent Velocity (feet

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