Armstrong 182202-657 ARMflo E8.2 Close Coupled Circulator Pump with 1/6 Horsepower

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  • Bronze fitted cast iron for closed systems
  • 30-Percent glass-filled noryl impeller
  • Permanently lubricated stainless steel bearings
  • Single phase, 2 pole
  • Flange sizes (NPT): 3/4, 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2
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ARMflo E Series high efficiency circulators are perfect for heating or cooling applications such as Hot Water, Geothermal, Radiant Panel and Snow Melting in Large Residential and Light Commercial installations. The advanced motor technology and efficient hydraulic design of the E Series E10 and E11 yield an overall efficiency that’s up to 41-Degree better than competitive pumps of similar power. The E Series also uses a compact motor that’s 30-Degree smaller than other dry motor circulators. Designed for extended durability and very quiet operation, the E10 and E11 circulators include the new EnviroSeal mechanical seal, which can be field-repaired in under 5 minutes, as well as permanently lubricated stainless steel bearings. While the durability of the Armstrong E Series rivals that of traditional 3 piece circulators, the E Series will usually cost the same as, or less than, wet rotors of comparable power.

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