Common Shape Forming

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There are many common shapes utilized in a significant number of industries and applications provide the most economical solutions. guides, stiffeners, edging, blade stops, struts, brackets, and support straps, available in various metal materials and finishes. we also can customize any shape that might be needed.


At TAIMCO you are:


  • Saving time and money For any kind of your custom metal needs, custom metal fabrication by eliminating all unforeseen expenditures associated with faulty measures cuts down on the number of mistakes that would often need to be repaired later and may be modified to match particular demands and requirements.
  • Getting Superiority and accuracy: The high level of precision and quality that may be achieved is the final major advantage of custom metal fabrication. Tight tolerances and exact specifications can be accomplished when working with an experienced fabricator, which is frequently necessary for challenging or delicate tasks.
  • Getting Innovation and Creativity: A distinctive finished product is produced through the creative and imaginative process of custom metal fabrication. The sky is the limit in terms of inventiveness because there aren’t many restrictions on what may be accomplished with this approach.
  • There are many common shapes utilized in a vast number of industries and applications that roll-forming provides your best and most economical solutions. Weatherstrip channels, drawer slides & rails, guides, stiffeners, edging, blade stops, struts, brackets, and support straps, just to name a few. Available in a variety of materials and finishes. Sometimes common tooling can be modified to meet unique requirements.
  • Types of Metal Channels, C Channel, Hat channel, U channel, J Channel, and a lot more.

  • Channels are often used as stiffeners on curved sheets or plates, as component parts of machinery, as cradles for tanks, and as trays to hold electrical wiring. For construction, we have provided bent steel channels for curved lintels, roof supports, and much more.

  • We offer a variety of secondary services to complement our channel bending and flange bending capabilities and give you more complete products. We can cut, bevel, punch, weld, grind, or polish your channel rings or curved segments.
  • Standard tooling for a U Channel and a J Channel with Legs at 90 Degrees is very common. It rarely are there any tooling costs associated providing it meets our minimum order requirements of 2,000ft except on pre-production samples.
  • Lower quantities with lot charges can be negotiated. Our Roll Die & Straightener Tooling is adjustable and can easily be changed or added to without cost. Our In-line Cutoff Tooling has smaller, inexpensive inserts making any tooling that we may have to make, (which is rare), very reasonable and it’s most often donated. even has existing Adjustable Roll Dies that can produce Hems on the inside or outside of the legs on these U channels & J channels.
  • J Channels and U Channels with other than 90 Degree bends with legs Tilted in or Tilted Out, may require very little or no extra tooling as most of the tooling used comes from a regular set of 90 Degree bend channel tooling and standard hemming rolls. Hems are generally .250″-.125″ and sometimes smaller.


  • U-Channel & J-Channel thicknesses can range from .003″ thick up to .150″ thick.
  • Standard Tooling is available for most sizes. Our Capacities on U Channels and J Channels are: Using up to .0.150″ maximum thickness.
  • Some additional tooling costs may be required for: Special Corner Radii, Amco Bronze needed for highly polished stainless steel that is not allowed to be coated with a protective strippable PVC Covering, Legs bent more or less than 90 degrees, and other more sophisticated forming requirements.

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