K-STAR Consolidated 5 KW Heater, 21 AMPS, 38000L

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  • Consolidated 5 KW K-STAR ELECTRIC HEATER, 21 AMPS, 38,000L
  • Temperature Control, Operating Indicator Light, High limit manual control reset, Winterizing drain plug,
  • Copper grounding lugs, Incoloy-sheathed elements for longer life
  • 1 Year(s) – Warranty void outside of Canada. Warranty also void on soft sided and commercial pools. Not for use on salt water pools.
  • Keeps Temperatures constant up 104F (40C), For Pools up to 40,000 L in size (10,0″ Inlet / Outlet Connections.
  • PLEASE NOTE: In order to purchase this product, we would need an assurance this product is being installed by a Licensed Gas technician for safety purposes. Details would be required before shipping he product to make sure that the technician/the company is registered to install this product at your place. Thanks for your corporation.
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K-STAR ELECTRIC TITANIUM HEATER, Recommended for above-ground, small in ground pools and residential.This heater has stainless steel incoloy-sheathed elements for longer life.

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K-Star Electric Heaters Instruction Manual

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