Dimplex CXD2000H-HA Ventura Outdoor Radiant Heater

299.00 CAD

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  • Durable ceramic elements for long-lasting radiant heating – 6824 BTU’s
  • Weather-resistant design for year round comfort
  • Silent operation
  • No distracting visible light output
  • Adjustable mounting bracket and fitted guard included – no glass lens to clean
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Using long-wave infra-red technology, the Ventura Radiant Heater features ceramic elemements that radiate heat with no distracting light output. Perfect where durable, focused heat is required, the Ventura warms like the sun, heating the objects in front of it rather than the air. It has weather-resistant design for year-round comfort. It has durable ceramic elements for long-lasting radiant heating and silent operation. It comes with an adjustable mounting bracket and fitted guard- no glass lens to clean.

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