Dimplex White 60″ Baseboard Heater 1500W 120V 5118BTU – LCM6015W11

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Volts 120, 208 and 208/240 volt designs
Wattage 500-2500 watts
Heating Element Nickel chromium element that is totally enclosed within a stainless steel sheath
Construction 20-gauge steel construction
Installation Rear-entry junction boxes on both sides to simplify connections.
Watt Density Average standard watt density of 300W/ft (984W/m)
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Superior Construction Superior finned tubular element design for safety and long life span
Powder coat finish The polyester epoxy powder coat painted finish resists fading and abrasion for long life and durability.
Excellent heat transfer Nickel chromium resistance wire heating element within a steel sheath. Spiral steel fins are firm brazed to the surface to provide excellent heat transfer.
Included knockouts Housing is complete with knockouts for field wiring. May be wired on the left or right sides.
Quick, easy installation Includes cable and faceplate cover for quick and easy installation
Quick, easy power connections Large wiring compartment which makes power connections quick and easy
Overheat protection Thermal overheat protection for safety
Heating elements The heating element has a metal tubular sheath fused with spiral steel fins. The heating element contains a high quality nickel-chromium wire, encased in solidly packed magnesium oxide insulation.
Attractive styling Exclusive contoured design with safe rounded end caps and attractive styling allows the unit to fit seamlessly into any room.
Performance Superior shark-fin blade design for improved heat transfer, quiet operation and longer life.
Smaller in length placement flexibility. Designed to be up to 10-20% smaller in length when compared to a traditional baseboard allowing for faster room heating capabilities and increased room
Easy Installation Installation is made simple as no ductwork, gas lines, or furnace room is required.
Safe Equipped with multiple safety systems to ensure complete piece of mind

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