DIMPLEX North America PC5020W31 2000W 50″ Wireless Heater

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  • DESIGN: Superior shark-fin blade design on a steel tubular element (stainless on 1500W, 2000W & 2500W units) for improved heat transfer, quiet operation and longer life
  • FAST AND SAFE: This convector is up to 40% faster through top heat discharge by speeding the dispersal of warm air into the center of the room with a full-length automatic overheat cut-out for safety
  • CLEAN: Our heater consumes up to 33% less energy than conventional baseboards and thermostats
  • CONTROL: Made with an on-board electronic thermostat that accurately controls heat output that provides stable and consistent room temperatures to within 0.9 F of desired set point
  • STYLE: Designed with discreet styling, reduced length, and added versatility of placement provide more options when designing or arranging a room
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Connex, 2000W, 240V, 50″, white, wireless baseboard heater, energy efficient, built-in electronic thermostat, maintains precise room temperature for maximum comfort & energy savings, adapts to maintain better comfort, active temperature, compatible with wireless temperature controls or wall mounted controllers, 42percent shorter than traditional baseboard heater offers maximum floor plan flexibility in an attractive package, 33percent energy savings with high efficiency built-in electronic thermostat, specifically formulated epoxy/polyester power coating is environmentally friendly & resists fading, easy installation, warranty 10 year/elements, 1 year unit, CSA certified.

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