Dimplex PC2507W31 Baseboard Heater 25″, White

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  • The Dimplex PC2005W31 is designed to be 42% smaller than traditional heaters for placement flexibility and the top discharge system provides faster heat distribution
  • The Dimplex PC2005W31 is equipped with active temperature sensing making it more accurate than a conventional wall thermostat
  • The linear proportional convector is ideal for main living spaces where silent heat and space optimization is required
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Features: Controls: Wall-mounted remote control for user convenience (optional accessory). Finish: Polyester/epoxy powder coating. Heating Element: Nickel chromium element. Approvals: casuals. Construction: Robust, 22 gauge steel construction. Color: White. Compatibility: CONNEXTM Compatible. Applications: Basements, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Family / living rooms, Foyers / entry, Hallways, Home office, Kitchen, Sunrooms, Ideal for retro-fits. Compact size is up to 42% smaller in length than conventional baseboards. Up to 40% faster through top heat discharge, speeding dispersal of warm air into the center of the room. Consumes up to 33% less energy than conventional baseboards and thermostats On-board electronic thermostat accurately controls heat output, providing stable and consistent room temperatures to within 0.5 DegC (0.9 DegF) of desired. set point. Built-in CONNEX radio frequency transceiver allows wireless temperature control with optional wall-mounted CONNEX controllers. CONNEX allows for easy whole-home control of all compatible smart heaters for maximum comfort, energy efficiency and convenience. Discreet styling, reduced length and added versatility of placement provide more options when designing a room. Superior shark-fin blade design on a steel tubular element (stainless on 1500W, 2000W & 2500W units) for improved heat transfer, quiet operation and. longer life. Full length automatic overheat cut-out for safety. Specifications: Overall Dimensions: 25″ (L) x 25″ (W) x 2.4″ (D) x 6.6″ (H). Volts: 240V/208V. Wattage: 750W/563W.

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