DiversiTech- IQP-120 ClearVue Condensate Pump, 0-22ft. Lift, 120V

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  • Variable Speed Pump – The variable lift in ClearVue assures the pump impeller spins only as fast as needed to lift the condensate water to the height needed. A slower spinning impeller means significantly less noise than conventional condensate pumps. Variable speed is a proven, quieting feature in furnace blower motors.
  • Self Cleaning: One of the most common problems in condensate removal is the blockage of a drain line downstream from the condensate pump. By monitoring pumping conditions, ClearVue is able to detect when a drain line is partially/fully clogged. In these cases, ClearVue increases the pressure in the drain line to clear the clog.
  • Floatless Sensor- The Floatless sensor eliminates many of the mechanical problems associated with conventional condensate pumps such as mechanical failure, debris fouling, and misalignment.
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The new CP-22LP comes packed with all the same great features found in the CP-22, but now in a low profile package. This pump is only 4 3/8″ tall so it’s a good fit for those instances where space is at a premium. The shorter reservoir holds 1/3 gallon. Suitable for use with condensate up to 160 degree F.

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