Dock Access Ladders – Made in Canada – Model # SL1475

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  • TAIMCO offers All type of ladders Fixed Dock Ladders, Dock Access Ladders, Fixed Ladders and Side Step Fixed Ladder also the fall protection design, a supply of entirely bespoke systems to assist you with especially complex working at height problems.
  • Ladders with Safety Cages provide a basic form of fall protection equipment for all fixed access ladders that measure three meters and over in height.
  • Caged and fixed access ladder systems are suitable for frequent use internally and externally within both commercial and industrial environments.
  • They typically see use as the primary point of access from ground areas to rooftops, or as an easy conduit from lower to upper roofs, although they can also serve as a form of plant access if required.
  • Caged access ladders are extremely versatile; they can be integrated into roof edge protection and modified with additional safety and security measures such as wire mesh, safety cages, lockable security doors, and exit platforms to aid the user on and off, all helping to form part of a comprehensive access strategy.
  • TAIMCO offers fall protection design, a supply of entirely bespoke systems to assist you with especially complex working at height problems.


At TAIMCO you are:


  • Getting Versatility: The adaptability of custom metal fabrication is one of its greatest advantages. Many different tasks can only be completed with this method since it can produce pieces in unusually unique shapes, sizes, angles, and configurations.
  • Dealing with Superiority and accuracy: The high level of precision and quality that may be achieved is the final major advantage of custom metal fabrication at Taimco. Tight tolerances and exact specifications can be accomplished when working with an experienced fabricator, which is frequently necessary for challenging or delicate tasks.
  • Getting Innovative and Creativity: A distinctive finished product is produced through the creative and imaginative process of custom metal fabrication. The sky is the limit in terms of inventiveness because there aren’t many restrictions on what may be accomplished with this approach.

Dock Access Ladders:

Dock access ladders offer you the access that your personnel need in one easy-to-install product. You’ll find that a majority of our dock access ladders are comprised of steel, but we also offer customized solutions that may include aluminum or another material of choice to satisfy your specific needs. This way you can have certainty in the ladder you’re about to purchase, dock access ladders include two unique walk-thru styles Vertical Pole Ladders and Triangle Grip Ladders. 

Fixed Ladders

Fixed ladders are a simple solution to get someone from one place to another These ladders affix directly to a wall, a dock, a storage tank, or whatever obstacle or asset you have which requires direct attention from personnel, there are several styles of fixed ladders that are worth considering if this is an equipment asset you required, Hooded ladders, Handled ladders, Standard ladders.

Side-Step Fixed Ladders

Sidestep fixed ladders are a useful asset to own when you need to have roof access. These ladders attach so you receive the vertical access you require but do so without handrails that may extend over the top of the building. It is the type of ladder you want to own when space is one of your primary considerations.

Sidestep fixed ladder is NOT created equally, we do make them Welded Assemblies, Powder Coating and Strong Stand Off Brackets. The best side step fixed ladders will typically feature stand-off brackets that are 7 inches or greater. Look for rounded rungs to be spaced on 12-inch centers with up to 1-inch diameter rungs being used.


Contact our team today to get the process started and you will quickly see how one small investment can continue to pay big dividends for you over the long-term.


  • Heavy-duty fixed ladders are an upgraded solution to your vertical access needs.
  • It’s the same great ladder you’ve come to expect, but built for high traffic use, difficult environmental conditions, and other factors that can affect a lower quality fixed ladder.
  • we only Make the best quality in material and workmanship when it comes to the creation of your next heavy-duty ladder.
  • More importantly, every heavy-duty fixed ladder we make and customize for you is manufactured in such a way that it will be built to last.
  • It’s easy to begin creating the fixed ladder that will meet your heavy duty needs.
  • select the various options that you need to have for your new equipment.
  • We offer options in the number of step rungs, if you want a cage included, and if you prefer to have walk-thru handrails on your heavy-duty ladder.
  • There are times when only the best will do. In difficult environments when you must have vertical access for your personnel, only a heavy-duty fixed ladder is going to provide you with the asset you require.

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