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  • We provide the service to make all shapes and sizes of any Custom steel bases for equipment and machines like HVAC, Pumps, Generators, and More. Every HVAC, Pump, and equipment system, in general, includes a custom-designed structural steel base that supports all of the package-mounted equipment including pumps, piping, Hydronics, heat exchangers, chillers, boilers, electrical, controls, and enclosure as applicable.
  • All structural steel shall be supplied per the appropriate ASTM specification. Optionally, a tread plate can be provided on the base surface to eliminate the need to field grout the base and to create a safe working area.
  • We provide Bases for HVAC Systems, Chillers, Boilers, Pumps, Fire Pumps, and AHUs, please contact us with your needs we are always ready to help. The service makes all shapes and sizes of any Custom steel bases for equipment and machines like HVAC, Pumps, Generators, and More.


At TAIMCO you are:


  • Saving time and money For any kind of your custom metal needs, custom metal fabrication by eliminating all unforeseen expenditures associated with faulty measures cuts down on the number of mistakes that would often need to be repaired later and may be modified to match particular demands and requirements.
  • Getting Superiority and accuracy: The high level of precision and quality that may be achieved is the final major advantage of custom metal fabrication. Tight tolerances and exact specifications can be accomplished when working with an experienced fabricator, which is frequently necessary for challenging or delicate tasks.
  • Getting Innovation and Creativity: A distinctive finished product is produced through the creative and imaginative process of custom metal fabrication. The sky is the limit in terms of inventiveness because there aren’t many restrictions on what may be accomplished with this approach.
  • Implementation of a project begins with the definition of a Mechanical/electrical engineering vision. An effective plan needs to be devised, executed and managed to efficiently bring the vision to reality, often within a short time frame, we at Taimco are here to move from using spreadsheets and circular saw processes to NC equipment paired with software developed specifically for construction components can allow a spectacular vision to take shape on time and within financial goals.
  • Taimco Automated steel companies can reduce costs and, consequently, increase profitability. Using Technology, we can allow for the management of more projects using the same financial resources, lower costs, automate processes, and optimize each phase of each Steel Base we are building. It can help structural steel companies achieve the needed synchronicity in all processes to overcome the challenges faced today.
  • Structural steel software can allow seamless control of a project from quotation, CAD, production and staging of the components to assembly within the structure. A turnkey program can integrate several key functionalities: design, production, and management of the right elements at the right time. It should optimize production equipment usage, taking into consideration maintenance stops, resource availability, and raw material inflow.
  • Steel Chase provides protection for valuable Mechanical and electrical equipment that can be damaged during the course of the workday by people and heavy equipment working nearby.
  • Taimco line of Steel Equipment’s chases are made from heavy-duty steel that will keep your machinery free from damage, downtime, and costly repairs if it prevents a piece of valuable equipment from being damaged. all our chases are powder-coated finish, Chase’s machine is highly visible, further aiding in their ability to protect equipment.


Steel Beam Base

  • Our very early specifications merely called for “sufficient base rigidity” to handle belt tension and keep the drive-in alignment.
  • Pump bases have torque and bending problems that can ruin bearings, couplings and pump seals. Before we extended pump bases to support elbows, many installations were short circuited with suction and discharge dog legs to the floor.
  • We have manufactured thousands of these bases and find the design highly satisfactory as to appearance, rigidity and keeping base resonance high. The 14”(350mm) limit on beam depth came about because experience has shown that the 1/10th requirement is too severe on very large bases. For example, in the 1965 specification, without this limitation, we encountered situations where the distance between chiller legs was 20 feet(6000mm). Thus, the specification was calling for 24 inch(600mm) beams under a machine that already had great structural rigidity. In other situations, heating and ventilating units might be as long as 15 feet(4500mm). Thus, it would seem that 18”(450mm) beams should be used, but these were completely excessive as the whole unit might only weigh eight thousand pounds(3636 kilo). The 14”(350mm) limitation makes the specification more practical.

Adding Vibration Isolators

  • Vibration isolation manufacturer shall furnish integral structural steel bases. Rectangular bases are preferred for all equipment.
  • Centrifugal refrigeration machines and pump bases may be T or L shaped.
  • Pump bases for split case pumps shall be large enough to support suction and discharge elbows.
  • All perimeter members shall be steel beams with a minimum depth equal to 1/10 of the longest dimension of the base.
  • Base depth need not exceed 14” (350mm) provided that the deflection and misalignment is kept within acceptable limits as determined by the manufacturer. Height saving brackets shall be employed in all mounting locations to provide a base clearance of 1” (25mm).
  • Bases shall be type WF ” Wide flange”.

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