Fill-Rite FR4406H 24V 20 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump (Pump Only)

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  • Durable cast iron pump housing built to withstand the wear and tear of rough operating environments
  • Removable junction box allows for easier installation
  • Thermal overload protection prevents motor from overheating during abnormal usage
  • Pump is capable of pumping fluid out of an 8′ deep storage tank (at sea level)
  • Rugged switch lever is designed to endure heavy abuse
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The FR4406H is a 24V 20 GPM fuel transfer pump that comes as a pump only model and comes 1″ elbow, 5 12-gauge ground wire, and a 18 12 gauge 2-wire ” outlet). It can be used to pump gasoline, diesel, kerosene, ethanol blends up to 15%, methanol blends up to 15%, and bio-diesel up to B20. The previous FR4406G model has been updated to the FR4406H model. With a removable junction box, the product is now easier to install. The performance specifications of the product did not change.

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