Fire Pit Screen Dome | Stainless Steel | Portable Mesh Screen – Made in Canada Model # FPS556


This Dome Fire Pit screen is a safety addition to your fire pit. The mesh screen is designed to prevent sparks and embers from flying out of your fire pit – even in the wind. This round fire pit screen has two handles to make it easy for you to put on or remove from your fire pit.

This is a great option for anyone who wants to have a full-size fire, responsibly, in an area with limited space.

Special pigments are utilized to achieve maximum heat resistant properties and color stability. High heat powder coated, sturdy steel construction

We offer customization options to our customers upon request for:
- Sizes.
- RAL Colors with additional cost if you choose to finish your product with powder coating.

Free Shipping across USA and Canada.

Lead time for the product is 3 weeks

*Lead time for the product is 3 weeks*

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