Flat Steel Window Well Cover – Rust Free Powder Coated Steel – Transparent Rigid high-grade polycarbonate – Made In Canada – Model # WWC882

1,950.00 CAD3,800.00 CAD

  • Flat window well protection cover, this unique Flat Steel model comprises high-grade polycarbonate, this quality plastic has a special UV formula. As a result, 20 years of the longevity of the high-grade polycarbonate
  • we used a sturdy Powder Coated Steel frame structure. The rust-free material is durable and, more importantly, lightweight for easy lifting the cover in case of an emergency.
  • we are Custom-made to fit your well, our super-slant window well cover provides superb drainage and protection against debris, Steep design for optimal drainage Rust-free Powder Coated Steel
  • support Quick-release lock system Hinged with a prop-up bar for easy open
  • The model is very appropriate for rectangular concrete, timber, paver, and block wells. These wells are typically larger and need enhanced drainage, providing the perfect protection against heavy rain, snow, and even falling leaves.
  • Safe for children are around literally at play, Nonetheless, the super slant cover supports up to 800lbs, Pets are also less inclined to lay down on top of it.
  • the Price included the Polycarbonate Window Well Cover Powder Coated, Framing Hinge, And Prop-Up Bar for Easy Open, and Locking System for The Cover.

The tough polycarbonate top covers are made to fit on top of any window well grates to provide extra protection from rain and debris but snap off for easy ventilation.

  1. Fits Over ANY Window Well Grates.
  2. Ultra-Strong UV Protected Polycarbonate.
  3. Flat Style.
  4. Custom Made to Fit.
  5. It Will Push Off for Emergency Egress.
  6. Optional Hinge & Prop-Up Bar Available and can be added to your order for Easier Ventilation
  7. Please Contact Us for custom sizes and features of polycarbonate bullet-resistant type. either by email at info@taimco.ca or by calling us at +12899992334

Download Mesuring Guide


You Can download the form from here Measuring Guide


Flat Steel Window Well Cover Features:

  • Add a clear top cover to your Steel window well grate to prevent water and debris from getting in your well. Our combination of grates & clear covers offers the best of both worlds!
  • Our crystal-clear top covers are made from “Unbreakable” Polycarbonate. It doesn’t matter if you are covering a Steel or Aluminum Grate that we manufactured or one that you have gotten elsewhere, we literally have you covered!
  • A Top Cover will keep out most debris, smaller animals, and most importantly rain and snow.  
  • It compliments your existing grate’s strength! A Top Cover uses the grates’ strength to keep people and pets out of your well.
  • Easy snap-on, snap off installation, so it is easy to remove for ventilation.
  • The Grate and Top Cover remove as one unit for emergency egress or home maintenance.  
  • UV coated polycarbonate to prevent yellowing
  • Fits over any window well grate by Window Well Experts or any other manufacturer
  • Powder coating for metal rust protection and to match your house exterior colors. 


Contact us

For more information and assistance regarding Equipments Steel Bases please contact us at:

Email: Info@taimco.ca

Phone: 2899992334

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