Imperial Flexible insulated Duct – MEA Silver Metalized Jacket Air Duct Flexible Pipe Tube (R – 4.2) 10″x 25′

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  • Designed for wherever UL-181 standards for Class 1 air duct is required. The 2-ply polyester laminated inner core provides outstanding resistance and durability. The fiberglass reinforced metalized outer jacket is extremely strong and will not unravel. Suitable for use with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
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Technical Data Construction Materials Duct liner is permanently bonded to a corrosion resistant spring steel wire helix, also supporting a blanket of fiberglass insulation. Vapor barrier is an outer jacket of fiberglass reinforced metalized film laminate. Codes / Standards UL 181 / Class 1 Air Duct Operating Pressure (inches water column) Positive = 10 inches HO (2.5 kPa) intermittent Positive = 6 inches HO (1.5 kPa) continuous Negative = 1/2 inches HO (0.5 kPa) Operating Temperature Range @ 6 inches HO (1.5 kPa) Positive Minimum = -20F (-28C) Maximum = 140F (60C) @ 2 inches HO (0.5 kPa) Positive Minimum = -20F (-28C) Maximum = 180F (82C) @ 1/2 inches HO (0.13 kPa) Positive Maximum = 250F (121C) intermittent Velocity (feet per minute) 4,000 f.p.m. (20 m/sec) R-Value R-4.2 Surface Burning Characteristics Maximum Flame Spread = 25 Maximum Smoke Development = 50 Vapor Bas 25 feet

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