Fujitsu LZAS1 Series 9000 – 15000 BTU, Wall Mounted Single Zone Mini Split Ductless Heat Pump, Built-in Wireless LAN – Up to 33.1 SEER.

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  • Built-in Wireless LAN control, Remotely manage your mini-split system using a simple smartphone, tablet or PC via the Internet.
  • Turn the mini-split on before arriving home, Change the program if the user is arriving late, Know the current room temperature of your home, check if the unit is still on once out of your home and turn it off, Program the mini-split with a calendar scheduler in an easy, intuitive way, Available in several languages. (Also °C and °F), Save money without losing comfort, Get instant alarm notifications.
  • Base Freeze Prevention
  • Programmable Remote
  • Highly Efficient
  • Quiet Operation
  • Inverter Technology
  • Inverter-driven Compressor with high performance fan blades, condensers and evaporator.
  • Auto Restart and reset. Weekly Timer, 24 Hour timer option as well.
  • 5-Years Parts and 7-Years Compressor Warranty. Wireless Remote control with sleep feature, auto mode, dry, quiet and economy modes.
  • PLEASE NOTE: In order to Purchase this product, we would need an assurance this product will be installed by a Licensed Technician for safety purposes. Details would be required before shipping to make sure the Technician/The Company is registered to install this Product. Thanks for cooperation.

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The Fujitsu LZAS ductless mini split system is a stylish and slim wall mounted air handler that fits perfect in any home or space. The Aesthetic, minimalist design delivers powerful cooling abilities while at the same time blending in to any room or with any decor. Fujitsu’s extra low temperature heating technology allows this condenser to safely maintain its rated capacity in outdoor temperatures as low as three degrees Fahrenheit and continue heating down to -5F.

Fujitsu System knows how to save you money even when you forget. If you leave the room without turning the unit off, ESP knows that you left and 20 minutes later, set temperature is increased b y4°F when cooling and reduced by 8°F when heating. When you come back to the room, it returns to previous operating mode. This prevents wasteful operation to save energy without you having to think about it.

As much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. So making smart decisions about a home’s HVAC system can have a big effect on utility bills — and comfort. Systems 9LZAS1, 12LZAS1 and 15LZAS1 are among the most efficient mini-splits in North America, with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings of up to 33.1 SEER.

The LZAS systems are packed with features specifically created to save you money – like Energy Saving Program, or ESP, a programmable remote control and inverter technology.

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12LZAS1, 15LZAS1, 9LZAS1

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