Fujitsu 18000 BTU, Mini Split Multi Zone 18 SEER Heat Pump, AOU18RLXFZ

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  • Inverter technology drives the compressor, allowing it to match output to demand. The result: a more stable and comfortable temperature within the space. This type of operation removes more moisture, reduces short-cycling, and improves efficiency.
  • Fujitsu applies a blue fin coating to the heat exchanger of their outdoor condensers. This improves their resistance to many common sources of corrosion and extends their longevity.
  • Outdoor Unit: AOU18RLXFZ- Cooling Capacity: 18,000 Btu Max Heating Capacity: 24,400 BTU (-15C)
  • A washable ion deodorizing filter uses fine ceramic particles to capture and remove odors. An apple catechin filter isolates and deactivates mold, bacteria, and dust. This combination creates a clean and healthy air flow from your indoor unit. Indoor Unit features an Economy Mode restricts the unit’s maximum output to decrease energy use and increase savings. This mode also increases the unit’s dehumidification capabilities during cooling operations and in Dry Mode.
  • Indoor Units: 7,000 BTU: ASU7RLF1 + 9,000 BTU: ASU9RLF1
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Fujitsu has been providing efficient and responsible heating and air conditioning solutions for decades. Their experience and dedication can be seen in the AOU18RLXFZ mini split outdoor condenser. This Halcyon HFI Multi Series mini split outdoor condenser is easy to install and capable of providing power and refrigerant flow for two indoor units. Fujitsu multi-zone mini split systems are cost-effective and customizable. The AOU18RLXFZ supports wall mounted, compact ceiling cassette, floor mounted, and concealed duct units, making it simple for you to design a system that fits your application perfectly.

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