GeneralAire 570M Humidifier, 24V

246.05 CAD

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  • Included: our mhx3c manual-control, duct mount Humidistat
  • For home sizes up to 2,000 sq. Ft
  • Patented kinetic flow water distribution system for maximum evaporative performance
  • Bypass humidifier mounts easily on the Warm or return Plenum and delivers 12 gpd
  • Vapor pad replacement: Ga10 (GFI #7900). replace 1-2 times per season
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Your furnace sends warm air through the unit and a water-soaked vapor pad, evaporating water within the vapor pad. newly-moistened air is then delivered throughout your home via your home’s duct system. Breathe healthier with a GeneralAire Elite 570 humidifier.

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