H1ywell I Panel, H1ywell, Control, Environmental Systems W973a1017

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  • Dry Bulb Temperature and Mixed Air, C7250A:Temperature and Humidity, C7400S1000 (optional): DCV (CO2) Sensor (C7232):Humidity, C7600 (optional):
  • Complies with California Title 24
  • JADE Economizer logic module with DCV and commissioning for Economizer Systems
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Thermostats – Zone Control and Wireless – Temperature – Humidity – Pressure – Commercial Building/Pneumatic – Motor Drives – Smoke, CO2 – Water Regulating Valve – Flow Switch/Current Sensors – Float Switch – Heating – Timers – Defrost – Electrical Devices – Supermarket Controls and Parts Controls heating, cooling and economizer operation in commercial air conditioning and heat pump equipment.- Panels can be used with staged gas, oil, or electric heat; modulating gas, hot water, or steam heat; and direct expansion or modulating chilled water cooling.- Controls up to 3 on/off heat or cool stages or up to 10 on/off heat and/or cool stages using W975 satellite sequencers.- Supply power: 24 Vac Environmental systems logic panel, 2H/1C Heating Stage: 2Cooling Stage: 2Comments: ���Supply Voltage

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