IBC IWT 40 Indirect Water Heaters, 40 Gallon Storage, 150 PSI

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  • Features
    • Durable metal jacket
    • Top hot and cold connections on residential units
    • Front heating connections for a flexible installation
    • 2” of polyurethane foam insulation
    • Oversized low-pressure drop coil
    • Ships with a 10KΩ sensor
    • Large smooth wall heating coils in a counterflow configuration
    • Thermal well for sensor or aquastat
    • 444 stainless steel tank shell and 316L stainless steel heating coil
    • Factory-installed drain valve with cap
    • Stainless Steel Cold Inlet Dip Tube

IBC Technologies Inc. warrants that it will repair or replace, at its option, without charge, any defective or malfunctioning component of the water heater during the first year after the original date of installation. It is expressly agreed between IBC Technologies Inc. and the original consumer purchaser that repair or replacements are the exclusive and sole remedy of the original consumer purchaser.

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