InfraSave Air 1006 Air Curtain 120V, 1340/1060 CFM – AJ1006

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  • InfrasaveAir 1006 Air Curtain 120V, 1340/1060 CFM – AJ1006
  • The air curtain creates a 90% air seal keeping out cold drafts during the winter and cool air in during the summer. The air seal created is so strong that insects and debris are unable to pass through the doorway when the doors are opened.
  • High or Low Setting
  • The InfraSave 1000 stays energy efficient and cost effective by only activating when your door opens and closes.
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Combining unbeatable price, efficiency and performance, InfraSave has developed some of the best environmental comfort products on the market. The InfraSave 1000 Series Air Curtain creates a 90% seal for your doorway to keep conditioned air in and insects and debris out, while keeping energy costs to a minimum. Mounted above any doorway, the InfraSave Air Curtain is a perfect way to maintain a comfortable, clean environment.

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