Lifebreath 730 ERV Commercial Energy Recovery Ventilator 690 CFM.

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Model: 730 ERV

Enthalpy core unit, ideal for warm humid areas with heavy air conditioner use.

ERV will transfer water vapor from supply to exhaust reducing AC load.

Contains 2 AHRI 1060 Certified 68-280 Enthalpy Cores

Reversible access, E-box can be located on either side.

Microprocessor circuit board with built-in interlock contacts.

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Motors and BlowersPSC 1/4 HP motors (3 Speed, single shafted) and forward-curved blowers on each stream.
CoreAn energy recovery core (ERV) is a cross-flow exchanger that incorporates a selective membrane for moisture transfer without allowing cross-contamination of the air streams. Used for balanced mechanical ventilation in humid environments to reduce air conditioning (AC) energy cost. Water condensation by the AC is reduced by allowing water vapor from the fresh air stream to migrate across the membrane into the exhaust stream. In colder climates, moisture transfer is reversed and the unit helps to moderate humidity and the core is a highly efficient heat exchanger. Each core is tested to ensure low leakage.
ServiceabilityField reversible for maintenance and electrical access. Slide in and out core, filter, and blower assemblies. Service clearance 30 in.
Case20GA Galv. Prepaint (G20)
Insulation3/4″ EPS Foil Face
Filters2″ Pleated MERV 8, On supply & Exhaust
MountingSaddle or curb mounted

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