Lifebreath RNC205 Residential Heat Recovery Ventilator with Recirculating Defrost Control, 179 CFM With DXPL-03

1,369.38 CAD

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  • 20GA pre paint galvanized steel with 3/4″ foil face Styrofoam Insulation
  • Top port design for flexible installations, with door port balancing and 3 select high-speed settings. Featuring a high-efficiency HEX core.
  • Latched door to allow easy access to core and filters for cleaning. 25″ clearance recommended.
  • Washable filters on supply and exhaust.
  • Energy Star: This product earned the ENERGY STAR® by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by Natural Resources Canada and the US EPA. It meets ENERGY STAR® requirements only when used in Canada.
  • 179 CFM, 120 V.
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HEX CORE is a counterflow heat exchanger that ensures maximum heat transfer, and low-pressure loss, constructed of thermally conductive and durable aluminum. With our recirculation defrost strategy the sensible heat recovery efficiency (SRE) at -25C (defrosting) can be within a few percent of the 0C SRE (no defrost) delivering significant energy savings. Each core is tested to ensure very low leakage.

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