Nu-Air – NU145 Energy Star Windsor Series Residential HRV for up to 2500 sq. ft. 105 CFM

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  • Furnace interlock options: commands furnace blower when HRV is on or only on high speed
  • Intelligent Defrost: duration and interval adjust to outdoor conditions below -5°C (23°F).
  • 24 V circuit protection with self resetting fuse.
  • Defrost: When outdoor temperature falls to -5°C (23°F), an automatic timed defrost cycle is initiated. The fresh air motor will go to high speed and the exhaust air motor will turn off. A damper will shut off the cold supply port, directing ambient air through the core for defrosting. The unit will resume normal operation for a fixed duration, then the processor will read outdoor temperature and initiate defrost as necessary
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Nu-Air – The Windsor Series is our longest-serving line of residential HRV, and has a range of 80 – 200 cfm. It offers unique features, proven dependability and excellent value. Our lightweight, long lasting aluminum cabinet is favored by contractors and homeowners alike.

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