PIPE DECOR Industrial Table Rustic Pipe Kitchen Metal Frame 3/4 Inch Pipe” Height Sturdy Simple Table Base for Home Office, Basement, Study, Solitaire Design


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  • COMPLEMENT YOUR EXISTING STYLE. Bring your kitchen together with an industrial table. Cast iron pipe pairs wonderfully with wood of a variety of shapes and sizes and fits with a myriad of design themes, such as French farmhouse, mid century modern, DIY vintage, and more. Create a beautiful pipe table that is sure to accentuate your space.
  • AUTHENTIC INDUSTRIAL PIPE. These are authentic iron pipes and fittings built to stand the test of time. Please be aware that these components come coated in a light industrial grease in order to slow the rusting process that gradually occurs over time. CLEANING AND SEALING IS REQUIRED FOR THOSE WHO DESIRE A MORE FINISHED LOOK. Most installations are left unfinished, but we understand that everyone’s tastes are different, and have included cleaning instructions for those who favor a neater style.
  • INCLUDED: The following kit is comprised of (8) 3/4″ flanges, (4) 3/4″ X 18 pipes, (4) 3/4��� X 10 pipes, (4) 3/4��� tees, (2) 3/4��� X 24��� pipes, a set of instructions, and a clean and seal sheet. This table frame measures approximately 30 inches in height, give or take a half inch depending on how tightly you screw in the flanges.
  • PAIR WITH OUR OTHER PIPE PRODUCTS. We have a diverse catalog of pipe kits and packs to accompany your new pipe table. From lamps, shelving, coat hooks, desks, and more we have a wide array pipe products to deliver a stylish industrial aesthetic.
  • WE ARE HERE TO HELP. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, or issues of any kind. We stand by our products and are committed to our customers. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and are here to h
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Pipe D���cor fittings, nipples and pipes are made from the highest quality materials, great for all of your do it yourself industrial inspired pipe projects. We manufacture specialty and hard to find fittings to give you even more options for your creations. Our products are authentic malleable iron which requires necessary cleaning and sealing prior to use. We recommend wearing protective gloves and using heavy duty degreasing wipes or sprays to clean. Coat with metal polish, wood wax or clear coat to prevent rusting. Start building today! Iron pipe can be crafted into a surprising number of looks and aesthetics: steampunk lighting, industrial, factory, French country farmhouse, vintage, retro, reclamation, DIY custom, exposed heating and cooling and water piping. It looks great with all types of wood and can be painted to match color schemes or clear coated neutral black or gray. Pipe D���cor was founded by LDR Industries, a leading supplier of high quality kitchen, bath, plumbing and related prme improvement sector. Realizing that retail stores were quickly selling out of basic pieces, like flanges, the idea of Pipe D���cor was born: a platform to help hobbyists find the products they need for their do-it-yourself inspired projects. With the rise of home decorating TV and DIY centered programs, Pipe D���cor is a way to showcase your creativity while creating functional and visually appealing pieces that last. At Pipe D���cor we���re about the community; we���re a channel where people can gauge new ideas, hear other people���s stories and learn about what items are available to create. We���re modernizing pipes

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