RAYPAK 206000 BTU, Digital Series Heater, MILLIVOLT, Propane Gas P-R206A-MP

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  • Excellent for use in chlorinated and salt water pools, Compact design
  • Engineered to take the brunt of the corrosion that naturally occurs over time (erosion of the ProTek Shield means it’ s working!)
  • This design has a constant pilot, sitting just below a small generator. This generator uses the heat of the pilot flame to generate small amounts of power This trickle of power is then used to operate the rest of the system.
  • Easy to replace, saving you time and money.
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Soak it all in, you deserve this. The sleek and stylish Raypak Digital Gas Pool and Spa Heater features innovative technology designed to keep your pool or spa at the perfect temperature for your enjoyment. Built to withstand various weather conditions, this modern pool and spa heater is the perfect solution for environments requiring efficiency, convenience and versatility. Thanks to a brilliant low-profile design, corrosion resistant cabinet made of galvanized metal, copper fin tube heat exchanger, and a bevy of advanced-engineered materials, enjoying your heater year round is a breeze.

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