Reihenparker Top Bicycle Stand for 6 Positions, Single & Double Sides | Model # BR2355

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The Reihenparker Bike Rack is a robust bike storage solution that can hold up to 6 bikes at once. Its hot-dip galvanized design provides excellent protection against rusting and reduces the risk of corrosion while in use.

  • The bike rack hoops use an up-down design to minimize the risk of handlebars colliding, allowing all 6 bike spaces to be occupied at once.
  • The bike rack can be bolted down on-site.
  • To expand bike storage, simply can install more than one set by bolting the bike racks together end on end.
  • The bike racks can accommodate tire widths up to 65mm, making them ideal for a wide range of bike types, including mountain bikes, children’s bikes, and more.
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This Reihenparker Bike Rake Station Store Up to 6 Bikes At Once

  • 1800(L) x 550(W) x 500(H)mm
  • 65mm wide hoop.
  • 300mm distance between each hoop.
  • High-low design reduces handlebars colliding.
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel – resistant to rust.
  • Bolt-down – fast installation on site.


  • Made from anti-corrosion-treated steel Tubes Protected with Zinc and powder coated.


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