Reznor Indoor hydronic Unit Heater for Vertical or Horizontal Configuration,23,000 to 33,000 Btu – WS23/33

1,020.00 CAD

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  • Fan/Motor Assembly includes galvanized fan guard with Vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Heat exchanger composed of steel tubes and aluminum fins spaced approximately 10-1/2 fins per inch Painted tubing heat exchanger and aluminum fins
  • The Air Flow Induction Optimizer increases the air flow due to the unique shape of its deflecting louvers which improves the throw of the heated air stream. Units are manufactured in an ISO 9001 registered facility.
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Reznor model WS steam/hot water suspended heaters are design-engineered to be technically advanced and aesthetically pleasing which makes it the hydronic heater for the 21st century. This smart new concept in commercial heating units will accommodate all architects who are looking for something new and attractive. The heat exchanger is made of one or two rows of coils (standard steel or optional copper tubing) with aluminum fins, with approximately 10-1/2 fins per inch (4 fins per cm). The spacing between the fins makes cleaning and maintenance of the heat exchanger easier, which is essential to keep the unit heater efficient.

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