Taco 0013-SF3 Circulator Pump Stainless Steel with Rotated Flange

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  • The beauty of Taco’s “00” series circulators is in the simplicity
  • The self-lubricating design improves reliability by eliminating the need for a mechanical seal
  • All of the circulator’s moving parts are contained within a removable cartridge
  • In the “00” series, powerful pumps are backed by a direct-drive design
  • This product runs using a 0.125 (1/8) horsepower motor
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Taco is at the forefront of circulator innovation. Their drive to provide the most efficient, reliable pumps in the industry can be seen across their entire catalog. Systems with a high head and high flow requirements can be hard on circulators. The durability, reliability and power of the 0013-F make it ideal for such situations. Capable of providing efficient circulation for a litany of applications, the 0013-F makes circulation easy for smaller businesses and larger residences. The universal flange-to-flange dimension of the 0013-F makes it quick to install, even if you are replacing a different pump. A design that circumvents the need for traditional maintenance is coupled with durable components to provide you peace of mind. With Taco, your hydronic circulation is in good hands.

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