Taco 0013-SF3 Pump

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  • Taco 0013-SF3 Pump
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Taco 0013-SF3 Stainless Steel Circulator Pump, 1/6HPTaco 0013-SF3 circulator (stainless steel) is designed for use in high head and high FLOW applications, such as large residential and LIGHT commercial Systems. This model is well suited for high PRESSURE drop boilers (such as condensing models), FAN COIL units, hydronic heat exc HANGERs, large radiant HEATING Systems,heat re covery and geothermal Systems. Taco 0013-SF3 Stainless Steel circulator is also commonly used with open loop Systems. A built-in replaceable cartridgeof the 0013 series circulators contains all of the moving parts, allowing to replace the cartridhe instead of replacing the entire circulator. Low POWER consumtionand compact desing make the Taco 0013-SF3 model ideal for high-efficiency jobs. Applications: Hydronic HEATING; Radiant HEATING; Zone Additions; Domestic water Systems; Chilled water Cooling; Geothermal Systems; Solar; And others; Performance Data: FLOW Range: 0-34 GPM; Head Range: 0-33 Ft; Min. Fluid Temperature: 40F; Max. Fluid Temperature: 220F; Max. Working PRESSURE: 125 psi; CONNECTION Sizes: 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ FLANGEd; electrical Specs: Voltage: 115V; Hertz: 60 Hz; Phase 1; Amps: 2.0A; HP: 1/6HP; Features: Exclusive ACB BAFFLE protects Motor windings against Condensate buildup; Compact design; High Velocity Performance; Low POWER consumption; Self-lubricating; Replaceable cartridge; Maintenance-free; Warranty: 3 year. Manufacturer’s warranty.

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