Taimco Stainless Steel Wall Shelf with Backsplash Stainless Steel 304 – Made In Canada – SSWS866

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QUALITY: Commercial grade heavy duty quality, Suitable for commercial and residential use, Easy to assemble and install. This corrosion-resistant wall shelf can handle anything you throw at it and will last for years to come.

FOOD SAFETY: The stainless steel wall shelf is ideal for storage in commercial and residential kitchens. Easy to clean and sterilize, metal shelves are superior to wood or glass. Food and liquid won’t get stuck or ruin the integrity of the surface. Easily wipe away excess with no fuss, mess, or contamination.

APPLICATIONS: While we pride ourselves on making high-quality commercial wall shelves, this product can be used in almost any location where there is a need to store items and save space. Most common places where our customers use our shelves include: a commercial kitchen, garage, closet, laundry room, utility and equipment room, lab, home kitchen appliance shelf for toaster and microwave, etc

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Stainless Steel Wall Shelf and Mounting Brackets Common Applications: Shelf For Commercial KitchenAppliance Storage For Home KitchenUtility ShopProfessional Work StationGarage Work BenchLaundry Room Storage Closet SetupJanitors RoomButcher ShopEtc…Product Specifications Our shelves are of outstanding quality, easy installation, protected packaging, and receipt condition excellent.

Stainless Steel wall shelves come with a variety of selections on size. We offer 12″ width with lengths from 24″ to 48″.18 Gauge 403 Stainless Steel Shelf Top Stainless Steel Shelf Mounting Brackets.

Great for Storage Includes 2 brackets for lengths up to 48” and 2 brackets Easy to Setup.

For All your Custom sizes and shapes, please contact us with your needs. 

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