Taimco Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Roll # 20 Mesh Fine Filter Screen Roll Filtration Cloth 52% Open Area – Made In Canada – Model SSWW865

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20 Fine Mesh woven wire 400UM wire diameter, 52% open area filter screen sheet filtration cloth

Stainless Steel Mesh All wire mesh is made from 304L (Low carbon 304) Stainless Steel, heat-resistant temperature reaches 800 degrees.

Woven Wire Roll Wire, can bend or cut with a scissor to fit the shape and size, easy to handle, and Carry.

The mesh is like fabric, the material is quite springy and will stay fixed the shape well, the wire mesh can be bent or cut to the right size as needed, Be Careful with Sharp Edges.

Great filter material, suitable for a variety of filtration, dust removal, and separation, such as septa, sieve powder, or air conditioning, range hood, air filter, petroleum, chemical, and other industries filtering.

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Activists 304 Stainless Steel Woven Mesh 20 Mesh – Application

Fine Strainer Water and air will run over the material, applied to air conditioning, purifier, range hood, air filter, dehumidifier, and dust collector

Filter Material Used for a variety of filtration, dust removal, and separation requirements, like sifting pollen, and natural clay screening; also suitable for petroleum, chemical, mineral, food, pharmaceutical, painting, and other industries filtering

Air Vents Air can get through the woven wire mesh, great for house outdoor vent and let airflow

Be careful of the sharp edge, avoid getting cut while open and use.

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