The Unico System Outlet Kit, 2.5″, Metal Plenum (single outlet)

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  • Unico Replacement Outlet Kit, 2.5″, Metal Plenum (single outlet) Includes Supply Outlet, 12′ R-3.3 Attenuator Tube, Metal Plenum Take Off, Winter Shutoff Cap, (2) Scrim Core Clamps(silver), (2) Aluminum Clamps(black), Coupling with Tape Rings, (1)Balancing Orifice Kit UPC-280M-1,
  • 2.5″ single install kit which contains 12′ of R3.3 sound attenuator flex duct, a supply outlet and saddle tap take off to connect to metal round duct
  • Duct OD 4″
  • Flex Duct
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The Unico System uses less than one-third of the space in the built environment than a traditional system. It can deliver up to 9 tons of air conditioning in the same space as a 3-ton traditional unit.
It’s ductwork has 1/3 the surface area of conventional ducting so before it is even installed the Unico System ductwork has 1/3 less thermal loss. The supply tubing is also wrapped with insulation and an outer vapor barrier, which keeps nearly all of the thermal energy within the duct.

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