Wilo 2067544 Top S 1.25 by 35 Wet Rotor Hydronics Circulating Pump, 115-Volt

929.00 CAD

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  • Uses two Bolt 1-1/4-Inch HV flanges (not included). 35-Feet shutoff head
  • Permitted temperature range -20 Degree Celsius to + 130 Degree Celsius, in short-term operation (2 h) to + 140 Degree Celsius
  • Pre-selectable speed stages for manual capacity adjustment – two speed
  • Pump communication based on simple plug technology that can be reliably retrofitted
  • Cataphoretic coated pump housing
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This pump is made from combination of stainless steel, polypropylene and metal impregnated carbon. It’s main feature is the 2 speed motor. This is a wet rotor – “seal less” design type pump. Great for residential and light commercial applications.

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